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Payment Policy

Payment for receiving healthcare services should be simple and straightforward, which is why my practice has moved to a cash-based model.   With the rising costs of healthcare insurance, incredibly high out-of-pocket deductibles and confusion regarding "in" vs "out-of-network" charges, I've listened to my patients ---- I'll be transparent regarding your charges, and your payment is due upon checkout.  You still have the option, however, of filing with your own insurance company for reimbursment assistance.  The exception is that Federal programs do not allow these invoices.  

New Patient Forms

Male Forms
Female Forms
Male Pellet Forms
Female Pellet Forms
About Your Visit

The mission of this clinic is to help you assess your risk factors for disease and develop a plan to avoid the possible consequences.  The process by which this happens is four fold.


  • First, please print and fill out the new patient forms and bring them with you to your appointment.  

  • Second, when you arrive at your appointment, we will go over your forms and you will have a comprehensive wellness exam.

  • The third step is to have an extensive lab work up which must be done before 10am with nothing to eat or drink after midnight (except for 3 glasses of water in the morning).  

  • The final step is to return to the clinic once your lab work is back,  has been analyzed, and your plan has been developed.



The first and second visits will be scheduled for one hour. When we go over the lab results, you are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you.

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